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What RSGF can do for landlords

The RentSmart Guarantee Fund (RSGF) serves as a tool for prospective tenants who face barriers to housing, such as youth leaving care, those leaving corrections, and more.

RentSmart and our partners are offering $5,000 in coverage to address potential problems such as arrears, damage, and more after the security deposit has been used. Tenants will be chosen by partner organizations to ensure they are in need of the fund, and must receive training in finance management. In addition, only tenants who have taken the RentSmart Certificate course – 12 hours of training in tenancy law as well as tenant rights and responsibilities – are eligible for this fund. This fund is a great way for landlords to protect their investment all the while supporting vulnerable members in our society.

Landlords can submit claims through our website or directly with community partners. Forms can be found here, or in the info packet you receive from one of our partners.

If a claim does need to be filed it is important to know what that process looks like.

A landlord must be prepared to submit the following documents during the claim process:

  • RentSmart Guarantee Claim Form
  • Any appropriate documentation to support the claim, including, but not limited to:
    • Move-Out Condition Report
    • Receipts or invoices for any repairs (required if requesting reimbursement for damages)
    • Written accounting statement reflecting tenant-owed expenses
    • Documentation of non-payment of rent (72 hour notices, tenant ledger, etc.)
    • Receipts for any eviction related court costs

We provide educational training for tenants

We screen tenants for you

We understand the Landlord's perspective

Up to $5000, 18-month coverage

Frequently Asked Questions for landlords

How do I know that the tenant in question is supported by the fund?

To ensure a tenant has eligibility under the program, call Toll-free: 833-333-7171 or email: before signing a tenancy agreement with the tenant. Validation can be confirmed using the RentSmart Certificate Unique ID# found on the RentSmart Certificate of Graduation. Not all RentSmart Certificate graduates are supported by the fund. Please contact us to confirm eligibility for coverage.

Why should I rent to a tenant covered by the RSGF?

We have paired the RentSmart Certificate Course in tenant education with our pilot RentSmart Guarantee fund. This coverage will give you peace of mind when renting to a RentSmart graduate, knowing that they have undergone tenant education to learn how to find and respectfully maintain rental units and have the financial backing of the guarantee. The RentSmart Guarantee Fund will reimburse a landlord for eligible claims of up to $2,000 for unpaid rent, $5,000 of damages caused by tenants or their guests, or a combination of both up to a total claim amount of $5,000.

Do I have to evict a tenant to make a claim?

No, it is not necessary for a tenant to be evicted in order to make a claim. Claims to prevent eviction (where a tenancy is ongoing) may be submitted and will be considered. RentSmart Guarantee Fund administrators will verify damages in cooperation with the landlord and will process the request for Guarantee funds based on program guidelines and policies.

Can my existing tenancy be covered?

No. The purpose of this project is to incentivize landlords to provide access to housing for new renters that would otherwise have a difficult time with their applications due to lack of rental history and references. Therefore, this Fund covers only new tenancies with eligible participants of the project.

I have a unit for rent, can I apply for coverage?

We’re so excited to hear that you’re interested in joining the RSGF network. Please fill out this form here. We will connect you with tenants that are eligible for coverage under the Fund and looking for rental units.

How do I apply for a claim?

You can find the process here.

The tenant hasn’t paid rent, when can I file a claim?

As soon as you start having issues with the tenancy, please contact us. Many issues, like delayed rent payment, can be addressed early to prevent stress, frustrations and evictions. RSGF administrators will work together with landlords, support workers and tenants to problem solve and figure out solutions. We are committed to helping tenants and landlords use the fund in the manner intended so wherever possible we help resolve any issues with applications or claims. If the problem is not resolved, landlords may submit claims through our website.

I’m having problems with the tenant, who can I talk to?

As soon as you start having issues with the tenancy, please contact us. Many issues like delayed rent payment, can be addressed early to prevent stress, frustrations and evictions. RSGF administrators will work together with landlords and tenants to problem solve and figure out solutions.

What do I need to do to get coverage?

This coverage is part of a pilot project funded by Vancity Community Foundation, United Way and the Victoria Foundation. The pilot covers 45 tenants (30 in the CRD and 15 in the Lower Mainland) selected and supported by project partners. In order to get coverage, you’ll need to rent your unit to one of the 45 pre-approved tenants. Please contact us and we’ll connect you to eligible tenants. Once you have selected an eligible tenant, you’ll need to submit your application and documents to receive a formal approval.

I submitted my application, how do I know I’m covered?

Once the completed application is received, it will be reviewed within 2 business days. The landlord and tenant will receive an email notifying them of acceptance or declined coverage. Both landlords and tenants will receive a signed copy of the approved application by mail.

I submitted a claim, how long does it take?

RentSmart Guarantee Fund administrators will assess all landlord claims within five (5) business days and communicate a decision.

How long does coverage last?

Coverage lasts for 12 months from the date of approval. The tenant will receive an email to let them know when the coverage has elapsed.

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