Support through education + funding as an extra incentive for landlords to rent to you.

What you need to know about the RSGF program

Whether you are interested in knowing your rights as a tenant, finding out how landlords might screen you for a place, or want to boost your rental hunting skills, RentSmart Guarantee is for you. It starts with tenant education that’s broken out into a 12-hr course.

In this class you will walk through the rental process and discuss the following topics:

  • What your housing wants and needs are, and how to find a home that meets your needs
  • How to be housing ‘application-ready’
  • About how the law protects both tenants and landlords
  • Your legal rights and responsibilities, and that of your landlords’
  • How to manage your money in order to afford housing and pay your rent on time
  • Effective communication skills to help your tenancy be conflict-free
  • Common maintenance skills to help you look after your home

When you finish, you get a RentSmart Certificate, which lets landlords know you have taken the time to learn how to be a responsible tenant.

Your certification is also part of the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions for Tenants

How do I join the RSGF?

Currently, we are running small test pilots of the fund in Vancouver and Victoria.

Who is eligible?

As this is a community-based program, eligibility is determined by our partners. Some specific demographics our partners serve are single mothers, youth aging out of care, those leaving corrections, and more. Learn more about our partners here!

The landlord wants to take my security deposit, I thought I was covered?

As specified in the application process, the RSGF covers up to $5,000 for damages after the security deposit is used.

I have a pet, am I still covered?

Yes, we love our animal friends! As long as pets are legal under the rental agreement, you are eligible for coverage.

How long does coverage last?

18 months.

If I’m already in a tenancy, can I get covered now?

At this early stage of the RSGF pilot we may not offer this to existing month to month tenancies, however, all applications will be considered.

What do I need to do to get coverage?

Your first step is to apply for the RSGF. If you are approved, you'll be required to take the RentSmart Certificate course. For more information or questions, go to our Contact page.

I submitted my application, how do I know I’m covered?

You'll receive an email notifying you of your approval and the "next steps" to the process.

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